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ISO20000 Information technology service management system

ISO20000 standard focuses on solving IT problems through ‘IT service standardization’ which means categorize IT problems to identify inner relations of the problem, then conduct planning, promotion and monitoring according to agreement of service standard and emphasize on communication with customer. This standard also focuses on the system ability, management level, financial budget, software control and allocation during system changes.


Certification Benefits

The purpose for the enterprise to establish IT service management system is to establish a set of effective self-improving system which focuses on customer. After implementing certification ISO20000 management system, each operation post shall establish a self-improving cycle during each process; the planning, implementation, examination of the work as well as continual system of problem founding and improving are establish are established as well. Therefore every employee has problem awareness and could find problem within their work actively, and they could solve the problems one by one through systematic problem-solving solutions. IT service supplier could get the following benefits through implementing IT service management system

  •  Maintain the same objective for service and enterprise business, support business strategy effectively
  •  Establish standard service procedure, improve information technology service and operational efficiency
  •  Effectively and efficiently integrate and make use of information, infrastructure, application, personnel and other IT resources
  •  Establish continuously improving service management mechanism, fast response to market demand and improve customers’ satisfactory
  •  Keep pace with international benchmark, enhance market competitiveness, improve organization reputation and increase return of investment
  •  IT risks and relevant cost, improve and control IT service quality, reduce long-term service cost
  •  Flexible coping with different compliance audit requirements coming from customer, certification organization, inner organization etc., enhance investors’ confidence

For lots of IT service suppliers, the meaning of ISO20000 certification is not only limited to that IT service shall comply with regulations and service quality improvement, but also it shall play a positive role in service quantitative, staff performance evaluation as well as measurement of return of investment for IT department.


Benefit of implementation 

  • Obtain ISO20000 certification which is widely approved in industry
  • Agree on service quality and commitment with supplier, establish communication platform that is unified with business and supplier; achieve IT service management objective that is satisfied by interested parties;
  • Improve availability, reliability and security of IT service and provide quality service for service users;
  • Continuously improving service process, service standard and service satisfactory;
  • Improve the availability of the project and ensure that it is delivered in time;
  • Increase total rate of return of IT investment for organizations/enterprises, enhance comprehensive competitiveness of organizations/enterprises;
  • Establish a set of effective continuous improvement system and inner control mechanism;
  • Be clear about IT management cost as well as uniting point of objective of organization/enterprise business strategy and IT strategy, perfect the current IT service structure and resource allocation; make the use of various IT resources comply with objectives of company business strategy and IT strategy;
  • Through establishing optimized, transparent management procedure and definition of responsibility, monitoring management procedure, conducting performance evaluation; reduce the management cost and risks of IT operation;
  • Easier to integrate service management procedure and other management system, i.e. information security management system ISMS, quality management system ISO9000 etc.;
  • Integrate current management system and business procedure, normalize service standard of IT department as well as work procedure; reduce risks caused by change of personnel;
  • Improve professional quality of relevant IT staff and improve staff’s service abilities and work efficiency;
  • Improve the general operation of IT department and communication ability between departments.

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