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Food transgenic detection

What is transgenic food?

Using transgenic technique to implant foreign gene into new individual in order for it to generate good character which makes it beautiful in the appearance, insect-resistant and cost-reduced. However,

Is it safe”?

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How does transgenic detection work?

ICAS gene laboratory uses applicable, efficient and accurate testing method and measure based on the differences in categories and processing methods of the food as well as differences in relevant transgenic fragment of the food. By using PCR technology, we use Roche detection instrument to make adequate amplification of DNA of the testing transgenic food; and determine if it is transgenic food by determining if it has DNA sequence and fragment with specific length and sequence.

PCR quantitative testing is the industry-leading special technology of ICAS laboratory. It is the testing of analyzing end product of PCR or the testing of the process through quantitative polymerase chain reaction testing technology (according to reference object as the standard), and further evaluate the copy number of target gene that is in the sample of transgenic food. The polymerase chain reaction used for transgenic food testing generally uses: semi-quantitative polymerase chain reaction, real-time fluorescent quantitative polymerase chain reaction and multiple quantitative polymerase chain reaction technology. 


Scope of our genetic testing service  

 Service Items

 Service Categories

 Testing scope


Transgenic ingredients testing


Qualitative testing of transgenic ingredients in agricultural product

Transgenic ingredient testing in food and seasoning


Rice and rice process food (including testing service that meets UN requirement)

Soybean,papaya,tomato, other vegetables and it processed food

Wheat, corn, potato and it processed food

■  Edible oil and seasoning

Other raw material and primary product, food testing


Ingredients of animal origin testing


testing of meat)


Ingredients of animal origin testing in the food

Ingredients of animal origin testing in the gelatin

Quantitative testing of pork content


All kinds of pure meat products such as meat rolls, meat slices, meat skewers 

All kinds of products containing meat such as meatballs, meat burgers, meat fillings, meat steak with frying flour coating

Food-grade gelatin used in food manufacturing

Pork content quantitative testing of beef and lamb product


Allergen ingredients testing


Allergen ingredients testing in food


Peanut, soybean, wheat and other allergen testing

Species identification


Identification of unknown species


Species identification of fish and fish meat

Identification of fungus, yeast, bacteria and edible fungus species

Chinese medicine identification


Identification of unknown Chinese medicine ingredients


Bulbus fritillariae cirrhosae and zaocys dhumnades


Professional service process

1.  Fill out application for testing.

2.  The sample is sent to our company laboratories and make the payment.

3.  3 working days

4.  The testing report and invoice are sent to the customer.


ICAS is your excellent cooperative partner!


■ Obtained food safety testing organization CMAF qualification

■ Council units of China Certification and Accreditation Association, executive directors of Shanghai Certification Accreditation Association

■ Cooperation with tens of thousands of enterprises nationally over the years, rich service experiences for middle-large size customers

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Professional testing team of ICAS genetic laboratory offers comprehensive and quick, convenient and economic professional genetic testing service for food manufacture and processing, circulation enterprises, testing organizations and research institutes. We will do our best to make sure the safety of your product!