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Food allergy refers to the adverse reaction against certain food or food ingredient, especially the allergy reaction after taking food which may not trigger adverse reaction in majority of people. The survey shows that within the whole world, there are 1%-2% of adults who suffer from food allergy and more than 8% of children under three years old suffer from food allergy as well. The clinical symptoms of food allergy are allergic reaction of the skin, mucosa and digestive tract, the severe one could be life-threatening. In 2014 June, a 15 years old teenager from UK had allergy symptoms after having a pork rib that had been marinated in the peanut butter and died on that day. Within the whole world, the morbidity and prevalence of food allergy shows an increasing trend which has been a newly-developing public health problem.

In the past decade, European countries and United Stateshave issued many regulations and laws regarding to this issue. In the United States ‘Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act’ which came into effect in January 2006, it stipulates that food that contains the following eight food allergen such as milk, egg, fish, shell, nuts, wheat, peanut, soybean etc. shall be noted on the label.

‘European Union Food Information Consumer Supervision Regulation’ lists 14 categories of allergen. The food enterprises that fail to note allergen information as required is asked to recall the products and may face criminal charges.Chinahas also noticed this problem, The Ministry of Health has made food allergen as the content of the food prepackaging label in the latest version ‘National food safety Standard for the labeling of prepackaged foods issued in the April 2011.

Countries/regions that have regulations on the allergen labeling and the regulations

United States
‘Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act’
European Union
2003/89/EC order2007/68/ EC order2009/41/ EC order
Australia / New Zealand
‘Food Standards Australia New Zealand’, ‘Food Allergen Management and Labeling-Guidance for enterprise’  
‘Food Hygiene Law’
South Korea
‘Food Labeling Standard’
General Labeling Standard for Prepackaged Foods’
Hong Kong China 
‘Food and Medicine (component composition and labeling) Regulations’ 

 ICAS PCR testing service of allergen
■     Peanut allergen testing
■      Soybean allergen testing
■      Wheat allergen testing



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