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Isotope testing

What is isotope detection?

Stable isotope is a tracer, indicator, integrator which has permeated into food safety, agriculture, ocean and other industries. Nowadays, many food enterprises are using isotope mass spectrometer to conduct food tractability, verification of truth and false, good and bad of the quality, food ingredient analysis. It can authentically test a series of multi-element isotope to perform the certification and inspection of food quality safety.


Basic principle of isotope tractability

Isotope refers proton number is the same while neutron number is different. A group of nuclides that take up the same place in the periodic table are called isotope. There are similarities and diversities between them. The chemical feature of any substance is decided by the shell electron structure that composes a substance atom. Because isotopes have the identity shell electron structure, therefore their macroscopic chemical and biological features are the same which is the similarity of the isotope. The diversity of isotopes shows in the different structures of the atomic nucleus which is mainly in the neutron of atom, it then leads to different mass number and nuclear physics characteristics of the isotopes such as radioactive decay characteristics etc. The separation and analysis of isotopes can be effectively done by using the diversities of physics characteristics between isotopes.


The application areas of isotope technique

1. Identification of food ingredients adulteration

2. Identification of the source of food contaminant

3. Tractability of product geographical origin


Content of isotope detection


 Testing categories


Testing objects




General protein and fat, pork (pork, ham, bacon), beef, venison, chicken, lamb, egg, fish, cheese, duck, milk


Agricultural products


General agricultural product, olive oil, honey, maple syrup, tomato, cucumber, pepper, mushroom, lettuce, potato, rice, tea leaves, berry, xylophyta seed, wine, juice and drinks, species, nuts, asparagus, banana, onion




Mineral water, raw coffee beans, cosmetics, tobacco


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