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Formula analysis

Ingeer Technical Service Department:
  For each sample, Ingeer technical service department establishes analysis team consist of technical personnel of different fields, discussing and designing analysis plan singly, and appoint the most experienced senior engineer of relevant field to be general superintendent, responsible for corresponding test reports issued permanently. Customer feedback will be recorded, which decide the engineer’s skill level and salary. Through this model, Ingeer technical service department can ensure the accuracy, sacredness and preciseness of each test report, prizing every penny customer spent for analysis and testing. Ingeer technical service department is committed to helping each down to earth and move-forward customer, contributing to your future success through our professional skills and clear conscience service!
Hot formula analysis products:

Formula analysis
Polymer Fine chemicals
Formula analysis of rubber products Surface treatment agent
Formula analysis of plastic products Construction additive
Formula analysis of adhesive products Formula analysis of metal working fluid
Formula analysis of ink Fine chemicals
Formula analysis of coating Cleaning agent
    Papermaking additive  
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Analytical instruments used in component analysis
Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy: the most simple and efficient tool for qualitative analysis of unknown substance.
NMR Spectrometer: measuring the chemical shift of hydrogen, carbon, phosphorus, and silicon in molecular; efficient tool for quantitative and qualitative analysis of unknown substance.
Time of flight spectrometer: precision tool for qualitative analysis of unknown substance.
Gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer (GC-MS): quantitative and qualitative component analysis of mixing liquid and mixed gas.
LC-MS instrument: quantitative and qualitative component analysis of mixing liquid
Energy Dispersive Spectrometer: simple and efficient tool for quantitative and qualitative elemental analysis.
Low-temperature plasma emission spectrometer: efficient tool for quantitative elemental analysis.
Thermal gravimetric analyzer: measuring the relationship of the change of material quality with temperature (or time).
  Production formulations can be well analyzed by means of these tests. The detailed understanding of sample ingredient function helps various enterprises to research and development and grasp market dynamics more easily. Ingeer technical service department has a variety of analytical methods, accumulating rich experience in chemical products analysis, analyzing quantitatively and qualitatively of unknowns through professional, reliable and comprehensive separation and detection means, which provide scientific basis for formula adjustment, new product development and production process improvement in the scientific research and production. To protect the interests of customers, if you do not achieve the desired results in some small workshop analysis institution or organization selling formulations, which cause heavy losses, you can contact Ingeer test technology for remedial measures!