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Industrial problem diagnosis

  What is diagnosis of industrial problem?
In production, industrial diagnosis and foreign matter analysis are normally performed using spectrum (ultraviolet, infrared, nuclear magnetism), chromatography (gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, ion chromatography), mass spectrum (mass spectrometer, gas chromatography-mass spectrometer, LC-MS), energy spectrum (fluorescence spectrum, diffraction spectrum), thermography (thermogravimetry analyzer, differential scanning calorimeter) to test, making comprehensive analysis of the sample, and through combined utilization of various separation and analysis methods, analyzing quality and quantity for all the components of the sample so as to determine their structure and impurity composition, find causes of the problem and develop a economic solution.
Function of industrial diagnosis and foreign matter analysis:
Helping enterprise to identify product defect, define the product positioning and development direction.
Achieving multiple objectives like performance improvement, price control, processability improvement etc through effective product adjustment.
Helping enterprise to select raw materials, control the supplier, inspect the designated purchasing place and so on.
Making industrial diagnosis on problems identified in enterprise’s production, developing scientific and economic solution, providing late guidance on production and one package service including debugging of production equipment, control of production process, guidance on product application, guaranteeing a continuous, healthy and powerful operation of the enterprise.
FAQ on industrial diagnosis and foreign matter analysis:
What to do with educt out from surface of plastic products?
What to do if particles separate out from products surface?
What to do with oily matter and spot on products surface?
What to do if coating changes color, becomes turbid and blooming?
What to do if pipes transform easily?
How to enhance composite material’s impact resistance?
How to resolve problems like plastic poor mechanical property, strong smell, low crystallinity, and bad tenacity?
How to enhance anti-aging and antistatic property?
  For purpose of settling the problems above mentioned, Ingeer Technical Service Department takes only 12 work days to test and analyze your products for improvement and development in short time. The Department will provide you with a perfect solution.
Service Scope:
Diagnosis of mechanical industry Diagnosis of coating industry Diagnosis of medical device industry Diagnosis of electrical appliance industry
Diagnosis of additive industry Diagnosis of adhesive industry Diagnosis of cleaning agent industry Diagnosis of construction chemicals industry
Diagnosis of surface treating agent industry Diagnosis of rubber industry Diagnosis of oil product industry Diagnosis of automobile industry
Diagnosis of primary industry Diagnosis of plastic industry Diagnosis of unknown foreign matter industry More
Main tested items:◆Analyze qualitatively and quantitatively ◆Re-utilize unknown substance ◆Determine quality and quantity for inorganic matter   ◆Analyze constituent ◆Determine quality and quantity of the solvent ◆Verify the specified constituent ◆Determine quality and quantity of the main constituent    ◆Restore formula   ◆Quantify the specified constituent ◆Determine quality of the main constituent   ◆Determine quality and quantity of surfactant
Ingeer Technical Service Department
  Ingeer Technical Service Department sets up analytical teams composed of technical personnel from various fields against each analytical sample of foreign matter. Each team is leaded by a senior engineer with the richest relevant experience who is permanently responsible for signing any test report. Our company will document any customer’s feedback on which the technical level and salary of the chief engineer are based, in this way Ingeer Technical Service Department ensures the accuracy and preciseness of every test report and takes full advantage of customer’s money used in analysis and testing. In future, the Department will be committed to helping any down-to-earth, industrious and aspiring company with professional techniques services.
Analytical instrument utilized in industrial diagnosis and foreign matter analysis
1. Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer: most simple, convenient and rapid instrument for determining quality of unknown substance
2. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance machine: effective instrument for measuring chemical shifts of H, C, P, Si in molecule and for qualitative and quantitative analysis of unknown substance
3. Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer: precise instrument for qualitative analysis of unknown substance
4. Gas chromatography-Mass spectrometer: instrument for qualitative and quantitative analysis of mixed liquid and mixed gas constituent
5. Liquid chromatography-Mass spectrometer: instrument for qualitative and quantitative analysis of mixed liquid constituent
6. Energy Dispersive Spectrometer: simple and quick instrument for qualitative and quantitative analysis of elements
7. Low temperature plasma emission spectrometer: effective instrument for quantifying elements
8. Thermo gravimetric analyzer: measuring relationship that mass changes with temperature (or time)
  These testing methods could contribute to getting a clear understanding of products’ composition, determining impurity’s composition, deducing the feasible cause of impurity. Ingeer Technical Service Department, having accumulated rich experience in chemical product analysis, is able to provide scientific basis for formula adjustment, r&d of new products, improvement of production technology in the scientific research and production through analysis of the products by means of professional, reliable and comprehensive separation and testing methods.

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