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New product research and development

  ICAS New product development business
  ICAS analyzes formula and technique of customer’s target products with advanced analytical methods, integrating originality and introduction, and improves the formula and technique against a certain performance as customer’s request, in this way ICAS can develop the target product that customer desired.
ICAS Business scope of new product development
  Products cover around 40 categories from 8 industries: plastics, rubber, steel, adhesive, coating, printing ink, cleaning agent, auxiliaries for water treatment, surface treatment agent, metal working fluid, construction additives, auxiliaries for oilfield, release agent, soldering flux etc.
Advantage of ICAS service
Powerful technical team
  Professional engineering technical team, abundant formulas of product and rich experience in technology.
High-efficiency R&D process
  ICAS integrates the forward R&D which corrects the course and backward engineering (formula analysis) which directs the research. This patter, compared with traditional r&d method, reduces the development cycle by over 50%.
Abundant material database
  In traditional development process, it’s hard to select raw materials, Ingeer has its own material database of which the abundant resource can find the best cost-performance material supplier in the shortest time.
Strict security measures
  ICAS signs a strict confidentiality agreement with customer to safeguard customer’s legal rights and interests, and would never divulge any information relating to customer’s data or development project for purpose of maintaining market competitiveness.
  Ingeer Technical Service Department provides you with high-efficiency service of product development, powerful technical assistance to occupy the market and enhance the competitiveness.

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