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Electricity and electronics


Electricity and electronics


ICAS Electrical and Electronic Testing Department

The main business developed by electrical and electronic department includes offering test for RoHS of EU and other hazardous substance, providing total solutions of REACH regulations and various environmental regulations and training and knowledge update of various environmental regulations.

As a third-party electrical and electronic product testing authority inChina, we are always working on the testing services for electrical and electronic product and its supply chain product. With our authority qualification and strong technical strength, we could provide RoHS testing, Reach testing, PFOS testing, PAHs testing and WEEE testing etc for the enterprises.

ICAS Electrical and Electronic Laboratory

ICAS electrical and electronic laboratory is accredited by CNAS, it establishes independent third-party testing laboratory strictly in accordance with ISO/IEC17025 international laboratory management standard. The industries involved in our services include information technology, household appliances, lamps, electric tools etc. The service items testing and certification we could provide are: CE-EMC/LVD, REACH (SVHC), RoHS, halogen test, phthalic salt, PFOS, PAHS test, DMF and CPSIA etc.


Battery testing: From hybrid motor, personal electronic equipment to renewable energy, ICAS has rich experience which ensures your battery and energy storage techniques are in accordance with relevant performance, reliability and safety standard. ICAS also has various battery testing instruments for batteries with different chemical components and standards.


Electromagnetic compatibility: Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is an overall evaluation of the level of interference (EMI) and interference resisting ability (EMS) of electronic product in respect of electromagnetic field. It is one of the most important factors of product quality. The EMC test is composed of test field and test instrument.

ICAS Electrical and Electronic Testing Service Advantages

l         All imported testing instruments

l         Experienced testing technical engineers

l         Testing qualification recognized internationally

l         Authoritative testing report

l         Quality services