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Management system certification

   Why need PV products certification?
With the development of PV industry, the quality demand of PV products is becoming more and more higer, (National New Energy [2013] No. 24]) clearly states: grid-connected operational photovoltaic power generation with and non-grid-connected independent photovoltaic power generation projects enjoyed all levels of government subsidies must purchase photovoltaic products that have passed certification.

PV products certification
Is the best way of confirming the products meet the standards by the third-party !
Is the necessary condition of PV products access the market !
Is the optimal path of improving the product competitiveness of enterprises and getting the recognition of buyers, dinancial institutions, governments and other interested party !
ICAS Ingeer is an organization specialized in product certification, which has been approved by the Certificaiton and Accereditation Administration of People’s Republic of China. ICAS is your first choise !
The products conform proved by the way of “Certification” standards is the real sense of conformity.
Product testing be responsible for the testing results of samples and commissioned test items System certification focusing on conforming conformity of the product realization process control Product certification Not only requiring all of the testing results of products are verified to conform to standard by sampling, but also needing to conform the enterprise possesses the ability of producing consistent qualified production through "factory inspection".
Crystalline silicon terrestrial photovoltaic(PV) modules-design qualification and type approval
Inverter of wind and solar energy supply power system for off-grid- Part 1: Technical specification
Technical specification for stand-Alone photovoltaic systems
-film terrestrial pHotovoltaic(PV) modules-Design qualification and type approval
Lead-acid storage batteries used for energy storage
Technical Specification of Grid-Connected Pv Inverter
Concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) modules and assemblies -- Design qualification and type approval
Benefit of production certification
Enterprises obtain product certification, affixed certification mark on the product, improve product quality
Enhance the competitiveness, get recognition of buyers, win the stable orders of customers
Promoting the standardization of enterptise management
Establish a brand strategy, enhance the corporate reputation
ICAS Service Advantages
Is one of the few PV products certification bodies approved by CNCA
Has own independent photovoltaic laboratory, and faster certification testing efficiency
Certification and testing integration service platform, meet various needs of customers

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