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Carbon Verification and Carbon Management

Background introduction of carbon verification and carbon management
  With global climate warming brought from environmental problems, energy conservation and emissions reduction are an issue concerned by all mankind.
  China's commitment to the world for our emission reduction targets, "twelve five" also specified the work program to control greenhouse gas emissions. The program mainly proposed target and requirements of emissions reduction. We should focus on the target that 2015 national carbon dioxide emissions per unit of gross domestic product is less 17% than 2010, and vigorously carry out energy saving, optimize energy structure, strively increase carbon sinks, and acceleratly form the industry, systerm and life way characterized by low carbon.
  Thus, all people do "low carbon action".
ICAS available service
■ Carbon verification of greenhouse gas
■ Greenhouse gas emissions method calculation and tools used training
Carbon asset management benefits were:
■ Complete targets of energy conservation and emissions reduction
■ Obtain the benefit of carbon assets transaction
■ Establish a good image of social responsibility for the company

ICAS advantage
  ICAS has issued many reports on carbon emissions for many high-energy consumption companies, our customers include: the large power plants under Five Power Group.
Working process: