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Furniture/Kitchen Ware/Building Material Product Certification

Number Product Name GB/T7635 Code Standards
1 Wood based furniture Safety (Limit of harmful substances) GB 18584 Indoor decorating and refurbishing materials – Limit of harmful substances of wood based furniture
2 Stainless steel faucets Product quality certification CJ/T 406 Stainless steel faucets
3 Burglary resistant safety door Product quality certification GB 17565 General specification burglary resistant safety door
4 Mattress Product quality certification GB/T 26706 Upholstered furniture – Palm fiber elastic mattress
QB/T 1194 Down & Feather mattress
5 Sofa Upholstered furniture-bed Product quality certification QB/T 1952.1 Upholstered furniture – Sofa
QB/T 4462 Upholstered furniture – Manual operation folding sofa
QB/T 4190 Upholstered furniture-bed
6 Locks Product quality certification GB 21556 General safety technique requirement of locks
7 (Plastic disposable) boxes, bowls, dishes, plates, cups, cans, pots, knives, forks, spoons, chopsticks, straw) Product quality certification GB18006.1 General requirement of plastic disposable tableware
8 Dining table, iron, steel, copper, or aluminum utensils used in kitchen, or other household appliances and parts thereof Product quality certification QB/T2139.1 Stainless steel kitchen fitments Conditioning operation class vocabulary of terms and model designation
QB/T2139.2 Stainless steel kitchen fitments Washing table
QB/T2139.3 Stainless steel kitchen fitments Worktop
QB/T2139.4 Stainless steel kitchen fitments Storage Cabinet Wall Cupboard
QB/T2139.5 Stainless steel kitchen fitments Storage Rack
QB/T2139.6 Stainless steel kitchen fitments Seasoning Cabinet (Car)
QB/T2139.7 Stainless steel kitchen fitments Diner
GB 13623 Requirement of safety characteristics of aluminum pressure cooker
GB 15066 Stainless steel pressure cooker
9 Stainless steel kitchen ware Product quality certification QB/T2174 Stainless steel kitchen ware
10 Range hood Product quality certification GB/T17713 Range hood
10 Water soluble inner wall paintings Product quality certification JC/T 423 Water soluble inner wall paintings
11 Surface decorated wood-based panels with paper impregnated thermosetting resins Product quality certification GB/T15102 Surface decorated wood-based panels with paper impregnated thermosetting resins
12 Decorative veneered wood-based panel Product quality certification GB/T15104 Decorative veneered wood-based panel
13 Natural slate Product quality certification GB/T 18600 Natural slate
14 Expanded polystyrene board exterior wall insulation system Product quality certification JG149 Expanded polystyrene board exterior wall insulation system

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