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ISO14001 Environmental management system certification

  Why we should according to the requirements of ISO14001 to establish the environmental management system?
1.Customer requirements: More and more first-class enterprises at home and abroad regard protecting environment as its own responsibility, and require the subcontractors to do the same.
2.The legal and regulatory requirements: Along with the importance of the environmental protection work, the strict laws and regulations having been promulgated.
3.Internal management needs: ISO14001 can help the enterprise to use the energy efficiently, use the raw materials rationally, recycle and control the products and reduce cost, and bring economic benefits for enterprises.
4.Requirements of banking, insurance and other related parties: In order to reduce the risk of the loans or insurance, banking, insurance and other related parties put forward the relevant requirements of environmental protection to the enterprises.

Benefits of implementing ISO14001
Achieving pollution prevention, and reducing environmental and legal risks.
Improving the enterprise management level and the staff's environmental awareness.
Improving the efficiency of resource usage of raw materials, and reducing the probability of generation of waste and hazardous substances.
Realizing energy saving and consumption reduction, improving enterprise competitiveness.

Improving the public image and credibility of enterprises.

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