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ISO9001 Quality management System Certification

  ISO9001 Quality Management System (QMS)
Why we should according to the requirements of ISO9001 to establish the environmental management system?
In the increasingly competitive market economy, grasping the requirements of the customers express or implied, understanding the dynamics of the market, and providing customers with continuous product/service that could satisfy the requirement of customers and laws and regulations, all have become the lifeblood of enterprise survival. How to implement quality management effectively, and constantly meet customer requirements? ISO9001 provides reliable architecture, manage business processes (the organization's activities) systematically, and make sustainable products or services to meet customer expectation, at the same time it also means that companies have continued satisfied customers.
Benefits of implementing ISO9001
External Benefits
1.Improving the quality of enterprise products and service.
2.Improving the market competition ability and enhancing the corporate image.
3.Enhancing the ability of continuous improvement to pursue the customer’s continued satisfaction.
4.Enhancing the customers’ confidence in the enterprise.
5.Enhancing the user's confidence in the products.   Internal Benefits
■ Improve operational efficiency and survival ability
■ Establish the management foundation for the implementation of other management systems
■ Improve its management level
■ Managers can keep abreast of the operation of management system
■ Nip in the bud for quality problem
■ Master the customers’ response to the product in a timely manner
■ Reduce errors and rework                
■ Let the full participation in quality management, training staff to the "customer-oriented" consciousness
■ Reduce the cost                      
■  High quality product is produced, rather than "test" Eight quality management principles of ISO9001
o Customer-focused
o Leadership role
o Full participation
o rocess method
o System method of management
o Continuous improvement
o Factual approach to decision making
o Mutually beneficial supplier relationships