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The key client business department of ICAS, based on the technology and resource background of the three major centers, provide one-stop quality control service and solutions for special customers, help clients improve quality control, prevent and control risk, enhance the brand and gain market recognition.
Our services
1. Service object: E-business, supermarket
Service contents:
● Examination and verification of qualification of suppliers that to be settled
● On-site certification (Factory evaluation)
● Inspection service
● Sampling inspection of product
● Counterfeit product identification service
● Value-added service
Perennial quality control consultion
Product standards and regulations training
Training of E-business quality management improvement
Quality information transfer on a regular basis (Changes of laws and standards, key points that national and regional focus on)
Information sharing of products that have been exposed on a regular basis
E-business in cooperation can gain free promotion on the ICAS website and We-chat public ID
Our services
2. Service object: Big buyer/ManufacturerService contents:
Service contents:
● Review of suppliers (Factory evaluation)
● Inspection service
Our services
3.Service object: Technology innovation and R&D enterprises
Service contents:
● Provide detection and analysis service for R&D
Formula reduction and analysis of products
Compontents detection and analysis of products
Analysis of chemical elements of products
● Production differentiation verfication
Verify new technologies/function, quality and technical indicator of new products reach the levels that enterprises claim
Verification from third party authority certification body can enhance credibility, verification is helpful to the popularization and application of new technologis and new products
● Assist enterprises with the compilation and application of standards
Our services
4. Service object: Enterprises
Service contents:
● Production certification

● Management system certification

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