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Analytical Department

About us:
We have a group of professional technical personnel and experts with a grasp of top technology in micromap analysis. We are committed to providing customers with one-stop service of product technology like testing, analysis of formula restoration etc in the fields: improvement of formula restoration, technological analysis, industrial problem-solving, product testing and so on.

Business scope:
1. Formula restoration
2. Formula analysis
1. Formula analysis of polymeric products
    A、Rubber products B、Plastic products C、Adhesive products
2. Formula analysis of fine chemical products
3. Formula analysis of surface treatment agent
4. Formula analysis of construction additive
5. Formula analysis of papermaking additive
6. Analysis of complex unknown costituents
7.Diagnosis of industrial problems
8.R&D of new products
9.Techanical assessment

Service Advantage
■ Service network across the country and abundant resource reserver contributing to satisfying customer needs locally, rapidly and efficiently
■ One-stop service integrating product formula analysis, product testing, product certification and management system certification
■ In possession of a third-party laboratory with complete hardware equipment and facilitis for testing and analysis which is constructed in total accordance with standards set out by CNAS
■ A group of the best technical problem solvers capable of settling products’ problems in terms of formula, technology, and internal managementt&control of quality

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