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Product Testing Group

Central lab introduction
ICAS with several complex labs can provide various kinds of comprehensive testing services and meet the requirements of standards domestic and overseas. The scopes of ICAS cover food, machinery, textile, electric products, new energy and daily use chemical.
Central lab has constructed certification and testing service platform with Certification Centre and R&D Center.

Main testing business
■Food, agricultural products and packaging material
■Genetically Modified Foods
■Daily necessities and cosmetics
■Electric products
■New energy PV equipment
■PV plant
■Toys and baby products
■Textile and garment
■Information technology equipment
■Environmental safety
■Furniture and construction material

(The service scopes are increasing. More services see ICAS official website or call marketing department.)

Service advantages
Platform advantage
Certification integrated with testing, one-stop service
High- quality and high-efficiency
Lab with rigorous quality-guarantee system, professional and accurate, high-quality and high-efficiency
Service experience
Tens of thousands of customers’ choice and recognition, the guarantee of the ability and reputation

Service network
A nationwide service network and team can response quickly and nearly.
Brand reputation
Testing services with international certification are more professional and reliable

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ICAS Australia 


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