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Product Certification Group

Department introduction
The range of ICAS products certification covers the field of most industrial products classification,To identify by internationally recognized "certification" approach and confirmed that "truly qualified product".
Products ICAS certification and certification mark, providing compliance assurance for the products sell well all over the world

For product certification
Product certification system originated in the early twentieth Century Britain is confirmed by the third party certification authority:
■ Whether the products meet the quality, safety, environmental protection and other related standards
■ Whether the enterprise with sustained and stable production capacity in line with the requirements of the product
■ Developed countries in Europe and America, certification has become the consumers to buy the product oriented
Through the "authentication mode" proof of the conformity of the product is consistent with the real sense
■ product testing For the sample and testing Commission responsible for the results of the test project
■ System certification Focus on confirm conformity of the product realization process control
■ Product certification Not only requires the sampling results confirmed products complete detect compliance, and through the "factory inspection" confirmed the enterprise with The ability of conformity of production of qualified products

Product certification benefits
■ Get the authority of certification, is allowed in the product directly add the certification mark
■ To the customer delivery of qualified products information, improve the purchasing confidence
■ To enhance the competitiveness of products
■ To promote the standardization of enterprise management

■ To enhance the brand and corporate reputation

ICAS product certification program 
■Textile ■Baby products ■Leather products ■Paper products and food packaging
■Photovoltaic products ■Metalware ■Measuring instrument ■Chemicals and chemical products
■Protective equipment ■Rubber products ■The vehicle and its parts ■Furniture / kitchen / building materials

■Architecture ■Electronic and electrical appliances 

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