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ICASP03C-QMS, EMS, OHSMS certification management program (2015 version) V1.7 View
COV-01-20200320 Shanghai Ingle Certification Management Plan for the certification project during epidemic prevention and control View
ICAS organic product certification charging standards and charging methods View
Organic Product Certification Implementation Rules [CNNC Announcement No. 21 of 2019] 1113 View
Shanghai Ingel's Management Measures for UKAS Certification Project V1.1 during Epidemic Prevention and Control View
Shanghai Ingel's management plan for CNAS certification projects during epidemic prevention and control View
ICASP33C- Organic Gap Certification Management Program (v1.2) View
2019 ICAS Social Responsibility Report View
ICAS Notice on Work Arrangement for Certification and Audit During the Epidemic Prevention and Control Period View
ICAS statement on the status of the certification View
MAP0378A-ICAS Notice on Conversion of Organic Products Standards and Implementation Rules Certification Basis (2019) View
Shanghai brand group standard advanced evaluation application material View
Application materials for Shanghai brand service certification View
Application materials for Shanghai brand product certification View
ICAS Shanghai brand certification charge management regulations View
CNAS Accreditation Certificate Attachment - General Industrial Products - English (20190510) View
MAP0810C-ICAS management system with UKAS accreditation logo certification and logo usage rules (2018 version) View
MAP0809B-ICAS management system with CNAS accreditation logo certification and logo usage rules (2018 version) View
MAP0808B-ICAS management system certification certificate and its use of certification marks (2018 version) View
MAP0377A-ICAS Notice on Conversion of ITSMS Certification Basis (2019) View
MAP0376A-ICAS Notice on Conversion of EnMS Certification Basis (2019) View
MAP0375A-ICAS Notice on Conversion of FSMS Certification Basis (2019) View
ICASP27C-FSMSHACCP System Certification Management Procedure (2015 Edition) (V1.4)-ICAS0731 View
ICASP11C-Certification, Rejection, Retention, Change, Suspension, Recovery, Cancellation Procedure (v1.4)-ICAS0723 View
ICAS Commodity After-sales Service Certification Implementation Rules (V2.0) View
MAP0809A-ICAS Management System with CNAS Approved Logo Certification and Label Usage Rules (2016 Edition) (V1.1) View
CAP2311A General Industrial Product Certification Fee Management Regulations View
MFP0622B-Complaint Complaint Dispute Resolution Form View
ICASP06C - Appeal, Complaint, Dispute Resolution Procedure (V1.2) View
MAP0374A-ICAS Notice on Conversion of OHSMS Certification Basis (2018) View
MAP0373A-ICAS notice on conversion of HACCP certification basis (2018) View
MAP0372A-ICAS Notice on 2016 Edition 13485 Certification Standard Change (2018) View
MAP0371A-ICAS Notice on 20418 Edition 50430 Certification Standard Change (2018) View
ICAS Service Certification - Product After-sales Service Certification Fee Standard (V1.0) 2017 View
MAP0397B-ICAS Announcement on 2015 QMSEMS Certification Reprint (2017) View
3. ICAS fairness policy View
MAP0380A- environmental management system certification auditor time table and fees (V1.1) View
MAP0315A-QMS certified auditor time table and fees (V1.1) View
MAP0399A-2016 Version ICAS management system accreditation certificate and logo conversion notice View
ICASP24C- Energy Management System Certification Management Program (2015 Edition) View
MAP2413A- energy management systems auditor time table and Fees View
MAP0396A-CNAS management system accreditation logo and logo with CNAS certification conversion scheme (2015 Edition) View
MAP0379A- medical device quality management system auditor time table and Fees View
ICASP23C- Product Certification Program (2015 Edition) View