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Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) Testing Service
Unconsciously, genetically modified (GM) food has entered every aspect of our lives. Until 2013, global commercial cultivated area of genetically modified crops had reached 1.75 million hectares, of which the cultivated area of China ranked sixth in the world. In China, more than 90% of the cotton is genetically modified cotton. In the United States, 90% of corn, 90% of cotton, 93% of soybeans and 98% of sugar beets are genetically modified crops. 99.5% of cotton in Australia and 100% of soybeans in Argentina also has adopted GM technology.

The safety of genetically modified plants is still a highly controversial topic. Variety of new findings emerges in endlessly. Countries have formulated and promulgated a series of laws and regulations which have strict rules about the research, cultivation and sale of genetically modified plants to protect the environment and to guarantee the consumer’s right to know. The unauthorized and illegal genetically modified crops and products are still on the market despite repeated prohibitions which can bring huge losses to enterprises and consumers.
Due to the detection of MIR 162 genetically modified organism in corn without the approval of China’s Ministry of Agriculture, until June 16, 2014, 1.252 million tons of corn and its products imported from USA have been returned. Because of the contamination of BT rice by illegal pests, the EU detected genetically modified organism in rice and its products imported from China repeatedly. The EU issued Commission Decision 2013/287/EU which stipulates that the inspection report, as well as the sanitary certificate issued by AQSIQ (General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China) shall be attached for China’s rice products, if not they will be returned or destroyed. In addition, when China’s rice products and goods enter into the Customs, it is necessary for the competent authorities of the EU Member States to detect illegal genetically modified organism by batch, resulting that a large number of products have been banned and destroyed and making enterprises suffer heavy losses.

ICAS Testing can provide with professional genetically modified organism detection and advisory services, as well as help you remove the import and export barrier and earn the trust of consumers.
ICAS provides with the most professional GMO testing service
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Specific content as follows:
■ Rice and processed food from rice (including testing service conforming to the requirements of EU)
■ Soybeans, corn, papaya and their products
■ Wheat, potato and their processed products
■ Edible fats and oils, flavorings
■ Other testing of raw materials, primary processed products and foods

Testing Methods:
■ Testing methods of genetically modified organism in national standards GB and commodity inspection SN
■ Testing methods of China’s rice in Decision 2013/287/EU
■ Testing methods of genetically modified organism in ISO

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