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Formula analysis of metal working fluid
Metalworking fluids frequently asked questions (FAQs)
1. Cutting fluid has bad smell, how to find a suitable fungicide?
2. How to avoid large amounts of foam in cutting fluid process?
3. How to made configure oil of microemulsion cutting fluid compatible with water?
4. With the environmental requirements and metalworking fluid requirements of industrial products increase, the traditional formula is unable to meet current needs and lack of technical innovation.

Making the adhesive formula analysis in professional bodies is undoubtedly the best way to solve the above problems.

Various analysis and testing the role of metalworking fluids
1. Analyzing the root causes of product problems is easy to improve.
2. The specified components in products made qualitative and quantitative commissioning production.
3. Analyse by-products in industrial products and determine whether it has recycling value.
4. Analyzing composition of new product can restore the formula contributing to simulating production.
5. Shorten developing periods, guiding the developing direction.
6. Improve production efficiency, improve product competitiveness.

What is metalworking fluid formula analysis technology in ICAS?
Metalworking fluid formula analysis is normally performed using spectrum (ultraviolet, infrared, nuclear magnetism), chromatography (gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, ion chromatography), mass spectrum (mass spectrometer, gas chromatography-mass spectrometer, LC-MS), energy spectrum (fluorescence spectrum, diffraction spectrum), thermography (thermogravimetry analyzer, differential scanning calorimeter) to analyze quality and quantity for all the components of the sample for the purpose of determining their structure and obtaining a full understanding.
These testing methods could contribute to analyzing a product’s formula and getting a clear understanding of surface treatment agent composition for companies to conduct r&d. Ingeer Technical Service Department, having accumulated rich experience in chemical product analysis, is able to provide scientific basis for formula adjustment, r&d of new products, improvement of production technology in the scientific research and production through qualitative evaluation and quantitative analysis of unknown substance by means of professional, reliable and comprehensive separation and testing methods.

ICAS Ingeer metalworking fluid formula detection and analysis service
ICAS analysis technicians have accumulated profound analysis experience of chemical products, by the use of professional detection and analysis method, we can provide you a detail analysis detection report and solution in the first time, in order to provide scientific evidences for formula adjustment, new product research and development, manufacturing technique improvement in scientific research and manufacture, and help you to solve various problems, gain the market opportunities.
The scope of metalworking fluids include:
1. Working fluids: cutting fluid, grinding fluids, quenching fluids, cutting fluids, grinding fluids, EDM fluids, mold release agents and so on;
2. Industrial oils: quenching oil, pressing oil, rolling oil, wire drawing oil, drawing oil and so on;
3. Additives: anti-rust additives, lubricants, emulsifiers, defoamers, dispersants, extreme pressure additives, etc.
4. Lubricating oil / grease: lubricating oil, mechanical oil, hydraulic oil, rail oil, gear oil, internal combustion engine oil, transformer oil, calcium-based grease, lithium grease and so on;
5. Other: coolant, microemulsions, drawing powder, circulating fluid, original fluid and so on.
In order to guarantee the interests of clients, if you do not get ideal results from some small mill types of analysis organizations or organizations who sell formula, and receive heavy losses, you can contract Ingeer detection technology for remedial measure!