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Formula analysis of coating
Common problems in the research and development production of paint
1. The resistance to weather and yellow degeneration of paint is poor, how to resolve it?
2. Adhesion and scrub resistance strength of coating film is not enough, how to resolve it?
3. After paint was produced and sprayed, the film appear coating blushing and chalking, how to resolve it?
4. How to resolve coating pigment deposition and separation in the development course of paint?
5. New type of environmental requirement is becoming increasingly higher, traditional paint formula can not satisfy that, and is lack of technological innovation.
Go to professional institutes to do paint formula analysis, undoubtedly, is the best way to resolve the above problems.
The function of analysis and detection of paint formula
1. Analyze the source of product problem, facilitating improvement.
2. Qualitative and quantitative dubegging and production to the appointed components of product.
3. Analyze the byproducts of industrial manufacture, judge whether they have recycling value.
4. Analyze components of new production, restore formula, facilitating imitation production
5. Shorten research and development cycle, improve production efficiency, and promote the market competitiveness of enterprise.

What is Ingeer paint formula analysis technology?
  Generally, Ingeer paint formula analysis technology adopts spectrum (UV, IR, NMR); chromatograph (GC, LC, IC); mass spectrum (MS, GC-MS, LC-MS); energy spectrum (fluorescence spectrum, diffraction spectrum); thermal spectrum (TG, DSC) to carry out comprehensive analysis, through combined utilization of different kinds of separation and analysis method, proceed qualitative and quantitative analysis to various components of products, in order to determine the structure of components and get a comprehensive knowledge of samples.
  Through these test method, we can well analyze product formula, have a detailed knowledge to the functions of components of surface treating agents, even more, facilitating enterprises to carry out research and development, grasp market dynamics. Ingeer technical service department has various kinds of analysis and test method, and has accumulated profound analysis experience of chemical products, carrying out qualitative determination and quantitative analysis to unknown materials by professional, reliable and comprehensive separation and detection method, to provide scientific evidences for formula adjustment, new product research and development, manufacturing technique improvement in scientific research and manufacture.

ICAS Ingeer paint formula detection and analysis service
  ICAS analysis technicians have accumulated profound analysis experience of chemical products, by the use of professional detection and analysis method, we can provide you a detail analysis detection report and solution in the first time, in order to provide scientific evidences for formula adjustment, new product research and development, manufacturing technique improvement in scientific research and manufacture, and help you to solve various problems, gain the market opportunities.
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In order to guarantee the interests of clients, if you do not get ideal results from some small mill types of analysis organizations or organizations who sell formula, and receive heavy losses, you can contract Ingeer detection technology for remedial measure!