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Plastic Formula Testing
Common problems for adhesive
◆ How to improve the elasticity of plastic components? How to solve deformation?
◆ What shall be done when plastic pipes is easy to be deformed?
◆ How to improve the impact resistance of composite materials?
◆ How to improve packing material’s toughness?
◆ Whether ABS plastic is harmful to human health?
◆ How to solve problems of plastic poor mechanic property, strong smell, low crystallinity, etc.?
◆ How to improve aging resistance, antistatic property?
Come to professional body for rubber formula analysis is the best way to resolve the above problems
The usefulness of various analysizing and testing rubber
  Analysis of samples is normally performed using spectrum (ultraviolet, infrared, nuclear magnetism), chromatography (gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, ion chromatography), mass spectrum (mass spectrometer, gas chromatography-mass spectrometer, LC-MS), energy spectrum (fluorescence spectrum, diffraction spectrum), thermography (thermogravimetry analyzer, differential scanning calorimeter) to analyze quality and quantity for all the components of the sample for the purpose of determining their structure and obtaining a full understanding.
◆ Analyze the sources of problems for improvement
◆ Debug production of the specified components quantificationally in the products
◆ Analyze byproducts in industrial production to judge whether there is any recovery value
◆ Analyze the ingredients in new products to restore formula for mimic production
◆ Reduce R&D period and guide the R&D direction.
◆ Improve production efficiency and product competitiveness.
ICAS Plastic products testing and analysis service
  The technicinists in ICAS have deep analysis experience of chemical products. We utilize professional testing and analysis methods, provide our customers with detailed analysis testing reports and solutions the time to provide the adjustment of formula, R&D or new products the improvement of production process scientific evidence. We help you solving problems and taking the first chance in the market.
Component analysis of general-purpose plastic Formula analysis of PVC plastic Analysis of PE plastic
Component analysis of engineering plastic Analysis of polyurethane plastic Analysis of nylon plastic
Analysis of PVC pipe Analysis of plastic pipe Formula analysis of plastic
Analysis of plastic packing material Analysis of antirust masterbatch Analysis of antimicrobial masterbatch
Component analysis of PP plastic Analysis of thermosetting plastic Analysis of auto plastic
Products Involved
◆ General purpose plastics: PC-ABS plastic, PE plastic, PP plastic, PVC plastic, PS plastic, ABS plastic
◆ Engineering plastics: PU plastic, polyester plastic, nylon plastic, thermosetting plastic, polyformaldehyde, polycarbonate, modified polyphenylene oxide, ultra-high molecular PS, vinyl alcohol copolymer
Plastic products: PVC pipe, break pad, plastic bag, plastic film. Auto plastic, plastic toy, PE shrink film, blister PE board, electric product, medical plastic product
◆ Plastic masterbatch: anti-aging masterbatch, antirust masterbatch, antimicrobial masterbatch, inflaming retarding masterbatch, anti-static masterbatch, packing masterbatch
◆ Plastic agents: nucleating agent, foaming agent, anti-blocking agent, antimicrobial agent, stabilizer, flexibilizer, combustion improver, plasticizer, anti-static agent, processing modifier, thermal stabilizer, antioxidant, light stabilizer, antimildew agent, filler, coupling agent, lubricant, release agent