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Adhesive Formula Testing
Common problems for adhesive
◆ How to resolve the situation when micelles happen during the production process of acrylic adhesive?
◆ How to control the degree of cure during the production process of adhesive?
◆ How to improve adhesive’s strength and mechanic property?
◆ Which are harmful substances for human health in adhesive?
Come to professional body for adhesive formula analysis is the best way to resolve the above problems
The usefulness of various analysis and testing of adhesive
  We have various analysis devices (spectrum, chromatography, mass spectrum, energy spectrum, thermography) to comprehensively analyze samples combined various separation and analysis methods. We analyze each component qualitatively and quantitatively to determine the composition of each constituent and have a comprehensive understanding of samples to help companies with the following problems:
◆ Analyze the sources of problems for improvement
◆ Analyze the ingredients in new products to restore formula for mimic production
◆ Seek for R&D and products improvement compared with advanced products.
◆ Verify whether a product contains a certain kind of substance
◆ Determine main raw materials’s type.
◆ Improve production efficiency and product competitiveness.
ICAS Adhesive testing and analysis service
The technicinists in ICAS have deep analysis experience of chemical products. We utilize professional testing and analysis methods, provide our customers with detailed analysis testing reports and solutions the time to provide the adjustment of formula, R&D or new products the improvement of production process scientific evidence. We help you solving problems and taking the first chance in the market.
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