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Analysis of Fine Chemical Products
Ingeer Technical Service Department can provide testing service for fine chemical products of all industries, including component analysis, content detection, formula restoration, material identification, content analysis. We can provide professional and comprehensive testing service in the fields of aviation, agriculture, industry, automobile, electronics, machinery, household appliances, electrical equipment, medical treatment, construction, communication, and so on.

Hot analytical products of fine chemical products:
Cleaner analysis Antifreeze analysis Release agent analysis Cutting fluid analysis
Screenwash analysis Polishing agent analysisi Degreasing powder analysis Emulsified oil analysis
Electroplating solution analysis Lubricant analysis Brightener analysis Cutting fluid analyssi
Passivation solution analysis Paint remover analysis Wax solvent analysis More

Cleaner: industrial cleaner, civil cleaner, basic cleaner, acidic cleaner, neutral cleaner, oil cleaner, hydrocarbon cleaner, paint remover, detergent, glass cleaner, scale remover, wax solvent

Metal surface treatment chemicals: rust-inhibiting lubricant, rust prevention treatment agent, heat treatment agent, die casting liquid, stamping liquid, EDM liquid, cutting fluid, rolling mill compound, electroplating additive, heat treatment oil, metal cleaner, heat treatment medium, metal processing liquid

Water treatment additive: corrosion inhibitor, dispersing agent, antisludging agent, corrosion and scale inhibitor, reverse osmosis scale inhibitor, bactericide, flocculant, cleaning agent, washing agent, pretreatment filming agent, adjuvant

Construction additive: pumping aid, waterproofing agent, antilubricant, benzene board cement, retarder, water reducing agent, beautiful sealant, foaming agent, grinding aid, early strength agent, fortifier, concrete admixture

Papermaking additive: dry strength agent, wet strength agent, sizing agent, resin dispersing agent, pitch control agent, deinking agent, retention agent, filter aid

Oilfield auxiliary agent, textile auxiliaries, leather auxiliaries, etc.

Ingeer Technical Service Department
Ingeer Technical Service Department sets up analytical teams composed of technical personnel from various fields against each kind of unknown solid/liquid. Each team has a chief engineer with the richest relevant experience who is permanently responsible for signing any test report. Our company will document any customer’s feedback on which the technical level and salary of the chief engineer are based, in this way Ingeer Technical Service Department ensures the accuracy and preciseness of every test report and takes full advantage of customer’s money used in analysis and testing. In future, the Department will be committed to helping any down-to-earth, industrious and aspiring company with professional techniques services.

What is fine chemical composition analysis technology:
Composition analysis of fine chemical sample is normally performed using spectrum (ultraviolet, infrared, nuclear magnetism), chromatography (gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, ion chromatography), mass spectrum (mass spectrometer, gas chromatography-mass spectrometer, LC-MS), energy spectrum (fluorescence spectrum, diffraction spectrum), thermography (thermogravimetry analyzer, differential scanning calorimeter) to analyze quality and quantity for all the components of the sample for the purpose of determining their structure and obtaining a full understanding.

Instrument utilized in the composition analysis of fine chemical sample
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance machine: effective instrument for measuring chemical shifts of H, C, P, Si in molecule and for qualitative and quantitative analysis of unknown substance
Thermogravimetric analyzer: measuring relationship that mass changes with temperature (or time)
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer: most simple, convenient and rapid instrument for determining quality of unknown substance
Gas chromatography-Mass spectrometer: instrument for qualitative and quantitative analysis of mixed liquid and mixed gas constituent
Liquid chromatography-Mass spectrometer: instrument for qualitative and quantitative analysis of mixed liquid constituent
Low temperature plasma emission spectrometer: effective instrument for quantifying elements
Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer: precise instrument for qualitative analysis of unknown substance
Energy Dispersive Spectrometer: simple and quick instrument for qualitative and quantitative analysis of elements

These testing methods could contribute to analyzing a product’s formula and getting a clear understanding of unknown solid/liquid composition for companies to conduct r&d. Ingeer Technical Service Department, having accumulated rich experience in chemical product analysis, is able to provide scientific basis for formula adjustment, r&d of new products, improvement of production technology in the scientific research and production through qualitative evaluation and quantitative analysis of unknown substance by means of professional, reliable and comprehensive separation and testing methods.