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In recent years, adulteration events on meat and its products occur frequently despite repeated prohibitions such as “beef extract” fake beef, “fake trotters”, “instant-boiled and roasted mutton and lamb” made from duck and pork, “fake meatballs and fish balls”, “fox pretending donkey meat”, etc., involving traditional market, dining restaurant as well as well-known supermarket chains deeply trusted by consumers, from which consumers suffer a great deal.

Food safety issues have caused the national attention. Various meat products difficult to distinguish true or false are the major concern of the folk people. Consumers are flummoxed by such issues whether they are adulterated on purpose or are unintentionally contaminated by production processes. For food safety supervision and inspection agencies, how to distinguish whether meat and its products had been adulterated has become the most urgent problem that needs to be solved.
■ Livestock: cattle derived ingredients, sheep derived ingredients, pig derived ingredients, horse derived ingredients, donkey derived ingredients, dog derived ingredients, etc.
■ Poultry: chicken derived ingredients, duck derived ingredients, goose derived ingredients, etc.
■ Other: fox derived ingredients
■ Gelatin: pig derived ingredients, cattle derived ingredients, sheep derived ingredients, etc.
Detectable Products Range:
Various pure meat products such as braciola, fillet, kebab, etc.
Various products containing meat such as burger, meatball, meat stuffing, fried and powdered steak, etc.Food grade gelatin
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